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Sticky: Fanfiction List

I had this on the post with the themes, but I wanted to give it its own post. It's a compilation of all my fics, updated each time I write a new one. :)

Harry Potter:


A Sight Unseen, PG. Harry Potter has gone blind. A rambling about how he has adjusted to life as a blind man and someone who helped him to see.
Slipping Away, PG. But this time, this time…he wondered if it would ever go away.
Need, PG. "I need you right now, Luna."
Vision, G. Random interaction between Harry and Luna. Can be taken as friendship or otherwise.
The Trouble with Clocks, PG. Your typical Harry-and-Luna-have-a-random-conversation fic.
The Next Dark Lord, PG-13. Harry Potter's had enough.
Surprise, PG. With Luna, walking backwards was the easy part.



To Have Loved, PG. A short tale of Neville’s 7th year experience with Ginny. Told from second person, Neville’s PoV.
Not Fade Away, PG. Random thoughts of Ginny's about her first year. Neville-oriented.
Never There, PG-13. Ginny comes to a realization.
Weakness, R. Neville does what he can for her.
Hindsight, PG. A girl's sixteenth birthday is supposed to be perfect. In the middle of a war, it's anything but.
A Little Dirty, G. Neville to the rescue!



Self Control, PG-13. Ginny tries to ask Zacharias for help; it's a bit more difficult than she would have expected.
Elbow Room, PG. Ginny's forced to work with Zacharias.
Denial, PG. Ginny ponders on her feelings for Zacharias.
Untitled Snippets, PG-13. A bunch of random interactions between the pair.
Facade, PG. Ginny was getting along just fine. Really.



Confusion, G. Pansy can't figure out why she treats him differently.
Melt, PG. It made her angry, the way he wouldn’t just leave her alone when she snapped at him.



Confrontations, PG-13. Ron wants to take Draco into custody; Pansy won't let him.



Caught in the Moment, PG. Ron and Hermione are caught in a dangerous situation. Hermione needs to think of a way out of it, lest they get hurt.



Testing the Limit, PG-13. He knew her limit.
No Need, PG. There was no need to lie when no one suspected the truth.



Stutter, PG. Fleur asks Cedric to the Yule Ball. (Cedric/Fleur)
At a Loss, PG. Cedric feels guilty. What if she had drowned? (Cedric/Fleur)
Tearing Down the Walls, PG. Had he been discovered? (Severus/Regulus)
Against His Will, PG. He hated feelings. (Severus/Lily)
Aggressive, PG-13. Seamus grills Ginny on why she broke it off with Dean. (Seamus/Ginny)
Untitled Ficlets (A), mostly PG-13. Cracky humor, implied sexual situations. (Harry/Susan, Parvati/Harry/Padma, Dean/Ginny, Riddle/Dean, Draco/Pansy, Hermione/Ginny)
Untitled Ficlets (B), PG-PG-13. (Hermione/Harry/Luna, Harry/Luna, Snape/Lupin, Ron/Luna, Fred/Hermione/George, Seamus/Ginny)
Hardened, PG. Pansy comes to Parvati for help. (Draco/Parvati)
A Second Chance, PG. Hermione has learned a thing or two from Dumbledore. (Draco/Hermione)
Breathless, PG. Draco takes offense to something Parvati says and feels compelled to prove her wrong. (Draco/Parvati)
Rain, PG. Random Marauder-era Snape, James, & Lily drabble. (Snape/Lily, James/Lily)
More Than It Should, PG. It wasn't as though his opinion should matter to her, anyway. (Seamus/Hermione)
Lost, PG. Ginny realizes that Luna has disappeared. Set during DH. (Ginny/Luna)



At What Cost, PG. Molly Weasley dies. Set in Harry's 7th year, Harry's POV.
The Hardest Thing, PG. How Ginny Weasley learned to hate the world.



Misunderstandings, PG-13. Sai, as is his custom, gives Hinata a nickname. (Written immediately following 312.)
Loose Ends, PG-13. This isn't the end. It can't be.
Napping the Fox, PG-13. Naruto's leaving, still intent on saving Sasuke. He hadn't really planned on saying good-bye, but a couple of his peers don't find that acceptable.
Empowerment, PG. I was finally able to do something.



Remember, Observe, Imagine, PG. Sakura reflects.



No Alternative, PG. "We'll get him back, Sakura-chan."



Untitled Ficlets (A), PG. (Gaara & Lee, Kakashi & Sasuke)
Untitled Ficlets (B), PG. (Lee & Sasuke w/ Gai)
An Unending Competition, PG-13. With Lee and Naruto, it's always a struggle. (Lee/Gaara/Naruto)
Learning to Let Go, R. Rin receives some help with moving on. (Obito/Rin, Kakashi/Rin)



Not Enough, PG. Chad's strong fists aren't enough.
Face to Face, PG. Karin's tough, and she always has been. But there is one thing that bothers her...
A Little Extra Time, PG. That Chad. He was a weird one.
Behalf, PG. "I won't let you keep hurting her like this."



Her Smile, PG. In which Ishida makes Hime feel better and vice-versa.



Regret, PG-13. Hitsugaya and Hinamori come face to face with Aizen once again.



Frustration, PG. Renji can't bring himself to tell Rukia about his feelings.



Something to Hold Onto, G. Orihime doesn't like to feel weak. (Chad/Orihime)
Kon's Ultimate Fantasy, PG-13. While seeking to cheer Orihime up, Rangiku ends up trying to teach the girl a thing or two. (Matsumoto/Orihime)
Monsters, PG. The world was made up of monsters. (Tatsuki/Orihime)
Warm, PG-13. "Mashiro?! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" (Kensei/Mashiro)



A Sense of Normalcy, G. Yuzu has a tough role, and she fills it well.
Honesty, PG. Orihime's not a hateful person.
The Reason, G. Chad likes to take care of cute things, and it isn't just because they're cute.



Promises Kept, R. Inuyasha comes to Kagome's rescue for the last time.

Hey Arnold!:


On the Outside Looking In, PG-13. At their Senior Prom, Helga is struck with a sense of déjà vu from the time she and Arnold first met. Only this time, Arnold’s not the only one with an umbrella to share...
Fireworks, PG. Arnold and Helga meet by accident.
The Unexpected, PG. A less-than-happy ending for Arnold and Helga.
To Meet Once More, PG. An unlikely and unexpected meeting between a pirate and an officer. (AU)



Unexpected Happenings, PG. Helga pays Gerald a late-night visit.
Unwelcome, PG-13. Gerald and Helga discuss how they should tell Arnold.



Worth the Effort, G. Harold Berman was rather clumsy. (Harold/Patty)
The Sounds of Silence, PG. "Harold," she began, her voice cold and distant, "I...I think we should stop seeing each other." (Harold/Rhonda)
Choked Up, PG. Harold catches Rhonda off-guard. (Harold/Rhonda)
Brown Paper Sack, PG. A bit of one-sided reflection on Nadine's part. (Rhonda/Nadine)



Little Things, G. Phoebe will never let go. (Phoebe, Helga)
The Artist, G. People asked him why he painted. (Torvald)

Samurai Champloo:


Selfish, PG. Maybe he was selfish.
The Promising Kind, PG-13. They had an arrangement, that was all.
A Little Longer, PG-13. Maybe he'd stay alive for a little longer.
Choices, PG-13. "It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny." -Jean Nidetch
Blood, R. Mugen loses something precious.
Where He Wasn't Looking, PG-13. Mugen and Fuu meet again.



Eggs Without Salt, PG. He bothers her.



Sense, PG-13. Jayne rather begrudgingly retrieves River.
Excluded, PG. River shows her affection for the crew while Jayne feels left out.



Untitled Ficlets (B), PG. Naruto x Full Metal Panic!


The Most Unlikely of Places, PG. [Prologue] Jean, a struggling single mother and Lauren, a troubled fifteen-year-old, discover that perhaps help isn't as elusive as they may think.



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